Enchanted Rock State Recreational Area

25 Aug
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Things to See in Texas? Try One Big Rock.

Enchanted Rock. One of the best state parks in Texas.

Sure, Stone Mountain Georgia gets a lot of attention. But did you know there is a big mountain of rock that is a part of the Texas Hill Country state parks?

It’s not just a rock.

It’s a pink rock. Rose granite actually. And while Stone Mountain Georgia likes to brag about the amount granite it has – Enchanted Rock is the record breaker.

It’s not just a mountain.

Enchanted Rock is a kind of island mountain made of rock. A single rock actually, one big, whole, giant rock – or a “monadnock” to geologists. Enchanted Rock covers approximately 640 acres (260 ha) and rises up around 425 feet (130 m) above the surrounding terrain. So if you are standing on top of it, you are at an elevation of 1,825 feet (556 m) above sea level. (No mean feat if you are visiting from Florida.) It is the largest pink granite monadnock, the in the United States.

Rock climbing in Texas?

The climb up Enchanted Rock is worth the effort for those who want to get the best view of the Hill Country there is. If you are a serious rock climber, Turkey Peak next to the rock, offers the more ambitious climbers a real climb. They don’t call it Texas Hill Country for nothing.

Why Enchanted?

Scientists believe that Native Americans have lived in the area of Enchanted Rock for at least 10,000 years. While there, the Native Americans and latter, the Spanish and American settlers, noticed many odd things happening associated with the rock.

Put it on your list of “ghost busting” things to do in Texas.

At Enchanted Rock state park there are quite a few ghost stories, even one that includes a Native American Princess. It is also told that a Spanish priest fled to the rock pursued by native tribes, disappeared, and later returned telling a tale of falling into a cavern – literally swallowed by the rock – once there he “ran into” a variety of spirits in the tunnels. According to this priest the Enchanted Rock spit him out two days later.

Don’t believe in ghosts? Some native tribes think it’s a portal to another world.

You can try to visit that world when staying with us at Bella Vista. This very novel – perhaps Sci Fi novel – Texas thing to do is just a 20 minute drive north of Fredericksburg. Consider us your Enchanted Rock Bed and Breakfast.

That’s one big rock.

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