Horseback Riding Fredericksburg TX a Natural

25 Aug
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Horses? Old hat to you – or something straight out of a western?

It would be hard to think of the Texas Hill Country and not think of horses.  They are such a quintessential part of the American West in general.  Horses pretty much define the cowboy as much as the cows do.

Horseback riding is easy to fit into your stay in Fredericksburg – there are several lovely ranches nearby.  And if you would like to go for a ride there are even more ranches to choose from throughout the Texas Hill Country.  Most will rent their horses by the hour, half day or day.

Do you have the gear for horseback riding during your bed and breakfast stay?

You don’t need to bring a saddle, ranches provide all the gear or what’s called “horse tack.”  They will also provide you with a trail guide and many will give lessons.  Whether wanting some instruction, or a slow ride through the hills, it’s a good idea to give them a call ahead if you know the direction you are driving in.  Many ranches need reservations to guarantee a horse for you to ride.

What should you wear for horseback riding around Fredericksburg Tx?

Most places will tell you to wear long pants and closed toed shoes.
If you really feel so inclined, you could even commemorate your trip to Fredericksburg Tx with a pair of pointy toed cowboy boots.  They are easy to purchase out in hill country.

Cowboy Boot Trivia

The points on a cowboy boot are intended for easy insertion to a stirrup by the way. The high slanted heel?  Never really designed to be walked in – cowboys don’t walk – they ride.  The heel can stop you from going too far forward too fast. A way of putting on the brakes that can be life saving.  Ropers are a type of cowboy boot that often are laced.

No matter what’s on your feet – Justin’s or Nikes. The Texas Hill Country begs you to get in the saddle of a horse.  The Quiet Hill Ranch in Doss, just 20 minutes from Fredericksburg Tx, and 10 minutes from Bella Vista Cottage bed and breakfast, offers scenic trail rides.

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