Fredericksburg Trade Days

07 Jun
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Staying at a Fredericksburg Bed and Breakfast? Dig into some original Texas Food at Fredericksburg Trade Days.

Texas food is a big reason why many choose to stay at a cozy Fredericksburg Bed and Breakfast. Texas has a big reputation for a lot of things and good local food is one of them. And local Texas foods can be found in the most unique places, so finding the places with great “Texas flavored” food is a big part of the enjoyment.

Fredericksburg Trade Days can give you a weekend full of Texas cuisine.

Trade Days is a local Fredericksburg event held on the weekend of the third Saturday of every month (which is actually not always the same as the third weekend in a month don’t you know?) It takes place at Sunday Farms and consists of plenty of venders selling everything from antiques to zebra skins. Many people come to Trade Days to leave with a little bit of Texas to decorate their homes with – not realizing that some of the greatest finds they will come upon are the authentic Texas foods.

This trade fair had not only some of the best wares you can find, it also boasted amazing food. The authentic native American jewelry was only outshined by the barbeque shack and La Familia Salsa Company. – Joseph P of Henderson, NV via Yelp.

Jalapeno jelly got you jumping for more Texas cooking stuffs?

Come prepared to eat and drink when you visit Fredericksburg Trade Days. Don’t make the mistake this visitor did:

Lots of yummy food for sale, which I wish we’d have tried but we were holding out for dinner in Fredericksburg since it was our first visit. — Shovelle S of Portland, OR via Yelp.

Here’s what you should know – there’s a Beer Garden right onsite – keeping of course with the German influences found throughout the Texas Hill Country. The beer garden offers hundreds of beers to choose from. It crosses the bridge between it’s German roots and it’s Texas pride by offering Lone Star Beer alongside of some “erfrischend” (that’s German for refreshing) German imports. The Beer Garden is a good place to get your bearings from and to make a plan on what Texas foods you are scooping up first. Are you looking for food from Texas? Or yummy foods you may be able to find elsewhere but they do so well in Texas? Some folks visiting the Trade Days aren’t picky about the origins of their goodies but just how good they are here.

I’m going to recommend you find Barn #1 and buy cinnamon roasted peanuts to get your day started right.  — Krys T., a Texan herself from San Antonio, TX via Yelp.

Morning biscuits at a Fredericksburg Bed and Breakfast?

Make sure you grab a jar of Mayhaw Texas jelly to spread on your morning victuals. Tuck it in your shopping bag as you chomp on a fresh ear of roasted corn – raised up of course in the Texas Hill Country. Don’t forget your friends at home. Blow them away with an over the top local Texas hot sauce. And if you have the time – and the inclination – you can probably find a kitchen table and chairs to squeeze into your car to relive your Texas moment when you leave the bed and breakfast and chow down at home.

That’s the beauty of going to the Fredericksburg Trade Days when you’re staying at a nearby B & B – even more exposure to great Texas foods.

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