Texas Peach Vacation – Why You Should Plan One

07 Jun
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Foodies, looking for a unique food experience? You should plan a Texas Peach Vacation.

Texas peaches sweet and fuzzy, give Georgia peaches a run for their money.

Haven’t heard of Texas peaches yet? Well, be prepared to hear something sweet. Texas has an estimated one million trees making them a leading American producer of these luscious early summer fruit. Texas Peaches offer you a variety of subtle flavors with a multitude of varieties. Some of the Fredricksburg’s common peach varieties are: Springgold, Bicentennial, June Gold, Garnet Beauty, Sentinel, Harvester, Loring, Redglobe, Redskin, Dixieland, Jefferson and Jersey Queen.

Georgia Peaches Move Over – Texas Peaches Are Taking the Cake.

Think the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail sounds special? Try something really unique and take to the roads around Fredericksburg, Texas to enjoy all things peach. Sure everyone else runs to see D.C.’s cherry blossoms. Why not do something more original and follow the Peach Trail during blossom time?

The Texas Hill Country Fruit Council makes finding the best and most unique peach experiences easy. A quick click on their website http://www.texaspeaches.com/ will guide you to the Peach Blossom Trail, local groves were you pick are called out by variety of peach, and festivals such as the Stonewall Peach JAMboree and Rodeo are listed.

They know their peaches in Fredericksburg.

Texas A&M actually has a specialized peach breeding program. And Jim Kamas, a Fredericksburg resident, has more credentials about working with that program than a peach has fuzz. Jim, in fact, is one of the authors of the Texas Peach Handbook. He’s also just one of the people in the area whose lives are dedicated to bringing the best Texas peaches to your table.

Don’t rely on store bought peaches, come to Texas Peach Country.

You can plan your travel to Texas Peach Country – the area around Fredericksburg – to take advantage of the peach season. If you plan ahead you can find a bed and breakfast or vacation rental with the use of a kitchen. You can enjoy making your freshly picked peaches into freshly made Texas jams and Texas jellies using easy to follow local recipes. What could make a better foodie vacation haul then that? You’ll be bringing this summery freshness and the unique vacation experience home to enjoy until next year’s jam making trip back to Texas Peach country.

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